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in ways that make economic sense

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Already as a young digital in the 80s, Tim was interested in gaming and design. After a career in the advertising world, he became a markeeter and brand builder for all sizes of companies. In 2018 Tim founded Germany’s first insurance company for gamers and was featured in “Top 10 Fintech and Insurtech Innovators in Germany” and the „100 creatives, doers and founders to watch“ list. 

In recent years, Tim has increasingly turned his attention to strategies and tactics how channels, services and hypes like gaming can be used by companies to add more value to customers. With this talents and a focus on the insurance economy, he helps companies to scale up and leverage their market potential. He also examines how a creative mind could be used to define flexible strategies that perform and motivate.

Tim‘s current interests focussing on entrepreneurship and brands stepping into the esports- and gaming market in an economic senseful way. Besides that he’s passionate about the use of cross selling to achieve breakthroughs in ecommerce.


Top 10 Fintech and Insurtech Innovators in Germany

Tim Schlawinsky listed as Top 10 Innovator in Germany.

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Top 10 Fintech and Insurtech Innovators in Germany


Im Rahmen eines Events der besonderen Art initiiert von der Versicherung andsafe durfte ich über die spezifische Ansprache von Digital Natives durch esports am Beispiel insurninja sprechen. Die versierten Profis Christiane Stein und Felix Thoennessen führten die Besucher charmant durch den Tag und rundeten die erfolgreiche Veranstaltung “themarketexperience” gekonnt ab. Ich freue mich auf die Wiederholung am 3.3. in Hamburg.

© Foto: Jan-Philipp Behr/Neovaude


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